TEAMX – Artificial Intelligence

TEAMX – Artificial Intelligence

The first application of Artificial Intelligence to team performance

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Business is about People Intelligence

Business is about People Intelligence

People Intelligence means information for better people decisions. Read more

What are the drivers of Engagement?

What are the drivers of Engagement?

Explore what you can do to increase motivation and organizational climate inside your company. Read more

Are you Hiring the right people?

Are you Hiring the right people?

Understanding what are the key competences and styles for your company, it's the first step. Read more

Do you want return on Development?

Do you want return on Development?

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The  process starts with a powerful question ...



Brain  facts  give  the framework for data....



From internal numbers to  people assessments....



Data  is   analyzed  using people analytics...



Managerial insights  are  shared and applied....

What is People Intelligence?

People Intelligence is a discipline  providing  guidance and direction to support people decisions in organizations. This is achieved by providing an assessment of available data from a wide range of sources, directed towards responding to focused questions. In order to provide a value added analysis, information requirements are first identified -based on brain facts, people analytics and best practices from the most important  companies around the World- then incorporated into a process of intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination of management insights inside the organization.

Why Us

Brain facts  +  analytics  +  management   =

What we do

We  provide  information   for  better  people decisions....

How we work

DECIDE  is  the methodology in 6 steps used  by

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Leadership Team

  • Massimiliano Ghini

    Massimiliano Ghini

    Management Expert

    Professor of People Management at Bologna Business  School and  international consultant ...

  • Giacomo Nottoli

    Giacomo Nottoli

    Data Scientist

    People Analytics Expert, Organizational Consultant, Graduated  in  Management Engineering ...

  • Lorenzo Fariselli

    Lorenzo Fariselli

    Organizational Psychologist

    Behavioral Sciences Specialist  and  Director  of   Assessments   at   Six  Seconds, ...

  • Sabrina Salomoni

    Sabrina Salomoni

    Operational Wizard

    Chief   Operating   Officer  with  a   financial   and   administrative  experience ...

Insights from the inside

What are we working on right now?

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